British Vogue (collect featured).

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NOLCHA (interview).

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Wall Street Journal: (video interview). 


New York Times   (interview with Melissa).

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 Bedford + Bowery 

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‘Who Said Williamsburg Isn’t Cool Anymore?’ 


The Village VOICE Slide Shows


“Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Refused to Stop the Party”

EPOCH TIMES   NYC Times Square Eco Fest

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The  Village VOICE  

 [Melissa Lockwood with her collection, IQTEST]

Village Voice Feb.2013 (slide show of IQTEST model on runway).

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Friday Gallery Feb. 2013: (photos of IQTEST models on runway).!i=2372735576&k=bCsxbPm


Wall Street Journal Feb 2013 (IQTEST dress in Photo)


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IQTEST Melissa Lockwood A featured designer at Manufacture NY launch Feb. 2013 Manhattan. 

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood Exhibits her salvaged fabric garments as Artwork at Legion Arts.


The Gazzette April 5, 2013 (An exhibit of her work at CSPS)

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The Gazette April 5. 2013

Local Flux (Article, photos and video) Feb. 2013

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Runway passport Blog Jan. 2013  (IQTEST in blog)

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Fashion Fit Blog Jan. 2013

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Better Faded than Forgotten Blog Jan 2013

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 Runway passport Sept. 2012:

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