IA workshop7

I share my research.  We experience how fun and exciting it can be to solve fabric waste issues.  We make rugs out of salvaged materials,  transform existing garments, overall we make positive environmental impacts that can be shared where you go after the workshop.

4 Twist on Swirl Final

Fashion workshop, we will discuss the variety of usable shapes and the concepts of the engineering involved and how to analyze you off-cut to find garments within it. 

2019-06-19 15.45.06

Rug Making,  In this hands on workshop we learn to make a rug with salvaged materials.

Iq workshop4

Garment Transformation:  I described as many ideas as possible and show transformed clothing.

IW workshop3

Social Swap Meet, is a garment swap, people bring clothing they no longer want and its all put in a pile, them people take what every they want.  


This dress was made with a long  piece of fabric that was thrown away at a factory. 

I have done a lot of research on many shapes and systems to use factory waste fabrics and also how to transform existing garments.  I love to share my ideas, lets help the earths environment!

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