Venice Biennale Preview Weekend “Use Stream"

The Performance I made at the Venice Biennale preview weekend was about the fashion idustries role in global warming.  

The garments that were laid on an area that floods when the ocean rises to over flowing.  

I talked about massive quantities of fabric going into the worlds landfills and the need for zero waste in garment production.  

We also spoke about zero waste designs and the analysis of production layout schemes. Brainstorming of ways fabric can be used rather than disposed of. 

 Melissa Lockwood

About Pavilion 02

Pavilion 0, whose first edition took place at Palazzo Dona in Campo San Polo in 2013, initiated the presence of a national pavilion represented by 25 artists from around the world at the Biennale di Venezia divided into national pavilions, expressing the nineteenth concept of the upcoming cultures of European countries and outside the world. The 21st century is a post-global reality, parallel worlds: analog and virtual. Identity found itself at the crossroads between the physical body and the cloud. In connection with OBE (out of body experience) there is the phenomenon of exteriorization, the transfer of consciousness to another dimension. Art that is not permanently associated with any medium, explores and creates reality, confronts man with unconventional experiences. Pavillion 02 refers to oxygen, an element present in matter, water and air, which is a condition for the existence of life. Referring to the concept of GAD – “take care of your garden”, we are interestedin living in the dimension of bio and cyber space meaning new utopias of our civilization. \ 

– Tomasz Wendland Pavilion 02, curator

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